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Some of the many highlights from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s unforgetable tour of India and Bhutan. Certainly the best Royal trip I’ve been on for photos and a real privildge to see so much of India and stunning Bhutan.

Royal Tour India 034

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I’ve handpicked my 10 favourite shots of 2015. I may have taken other more beautiful, technically superior or commerically succesful shots over the course of the past 12 months, but the following have particular significance for me.



Madonna falls at the BRIT Awards. This shot made several front pages and was one of my best selling images of the year. Our shooting position was a long way from the stage and as I was so focused on shooting the rest of her performance that I didn’t realise she had fallen – I had just assumed it was choreographed and part of her act. It was only immediately after when colleagues was eagerly checking the back of their cameras that I realised it was a dramatic fall and not part of her act. I looked myself and was very pleased to discover I had the whole sequence of her fall.

BoY 001



Rita Ora at the BRIT Awards. I love the elegance and beauty captured in this photo.

attends the BRIT Awards 2015 at The O2 Arena on February 25, 2015 in London, England.



The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are startled by an eagle.  This was a totally out of the blue moment at Sandringham Flower show as Charles and Camilla were introduced to an eagle named Zephyr. Without warning it flew up into their faces, causing them to jump back creating an very spontaneous and unusual royal photo I was delighted to capture.

BoY 003



Sunset at Glastonbury Festival. I’ve been going to Glastonbury Festivals for many years and it always has an electric, magical feel when there’s a good sunset. It happened on the opening evening of this year, so I was particularly pleased to show it in such an amazing light.

BoY 004



James Bay enjoys a whisky. One of the most successful artists of year, James Bay has really taken off this year. This shot for me embodies so much of what a singer-songwriter artist is all about – drinking and playing music, while in a moody but illuminating setting.

BoY 005



Daniel Craig as James Bond. Taken at the world premiere of ‘Spectre’ at the Royal Albert Hall. I wanted to get a portrait that embodied the character of Bond and I think I achieved it with this shot.

BoY 006



Prince William and Prince George at Trooping the Colour. A proud Dad with his son at this touching moment on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

BoY 007



Paris Hilton in Cannes. This was taken at a fundraiser during the Cannes Film Festival. Paris Hilton was a guest DJ at the fundraiser and she was happy to quickly turn the centre of attention onto herself. While I didn’t appreciate this, I still like the way the photo summed up her superficiality.

BoY 008



Prince Harry in a township in Cape Town. I like this because it was a very spontaneous moment showing Harry’s natural affinity with children. We had finished shooting Harry visiting the Football For Hope Centre in Khayelistsha township. As he left the engagement a young girl ran up to him from nowhere and he proceeded to pick her up and swing her, much to her delight. I was luckily enough to be walking close to them and managed to get a few shots of the moment.

BoY 009



The Dalai Lama appears on the Pyramid Stage with Patti Smith at Glastonbury. A great Glastonbury moment as the Dalai Lama made a surprise appearance to give an 80th Birthday speech. There was a huge level of emotion and respect in the crowd, who watched on in silence as he spoke, before singing Happy Birthday to him.

BoY 010




My favourite 15 photos from another amazing Glastonbury!

Glastonbury 023 copyGlastonbury 153Glastonbury 123 copyGlastonbury 277Glastonbury 036Glastonbury 212 copyGlastonbury 285Glastonbury 040 copyGlastonbury 121 copyGlastonbury 033 copyGlastonbury 254-2Glastonbury 309 copyGlastonbury 298aGlastonbury 298 copyGlastonbury 263 copy